Heart to Heart is a gentle, biblical prayer ministry that brings empowering answers from Jesus' heart to yours, personally. Class fee: $375, includes manual and notebook

Heart to Heart Personal Prayer Ministry Training:

This prayer approach is aimed at helping people find freedom from specific problem areas.

As founder Kelly Troia says, “The problem is the problem.” In Heart to Heart, the difference between what the problem says and what God says is discerned. Many have experienced great relief from pain, depression, fear and other plaguing problems through encountering Jesus in Heart to Heart prayer.

Intensive training:

For those new to Heart to Heart: Class fee: $375 Includes manual and notebook and 8 Equipping sessions

Equipping Sessions:

For those who have already attended the intensive training. These are practice sessions that required for those wanting to minister Heart to Heart at CHC, included in the $345.00 registration cost.

HEART TO HEART: Spring Break 5 Day Intensive | M-F 9:30-5:30 pm

Teacher: Kelly Troia | CHC Sanctuary | Dates: March 12 - March 16

This powerful prayer model is centered upon allowing Jesus to minister from

His heart to the heart of the one receiving, providing clarity, understanding,

peace and joy. Class fee: $375

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